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Olivia Levrini

University of Bologna
I am an Associate Professor in Physics Education at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Bologna. Currently I have the honor to coordinate the European project I SEE, of which ASE is a partner (www.iseeproject.eu). I am strongly involved, as Conference President, in the organization of the next ESERA 2019, that will be held in Bologna from 26 to 30 August, 2019. The theme of the Conference is "The beauty and the pleasure of understanding: engaging with contemporary challenges through science education". The theme mirrors our belief that science education has a great potential and a great responsibility to equip the young generation to address demanding contemporary challenges like climate change, multiculturalism, the flourishing of new interdisciplinary disciplines (like cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence, digital humanities), and the problematic nature of socio-scientific issues in a digital and post-truth era. As science educators, we believe that understanding is the preferred way to address these challenges, but we also think that they are so deep and novel that they necessitate collectively searching for new narratives, languages and forms of beauty.
My research work concerns: Interdisciplinarity in STEM education; Educational reconstruction of advanced current topics in physics (thermodynamics, relativity, quantum physics); The role of history and philosophy in teaching physics; Cognition and conceptual change; Identity and processes of appropriation; Instruction design on future-oriented STEM issues (climate change, artificial intelligence, quantum computing).
Some of my recent publications include:
- Levrini, O., Levin, M., Fantini, P., & Tasquier, G. (2018). Orchestrating classroom discussions that foster appropriation, Science Education, DOI: 10.1002/sce.21475.
- Kapon, S., Laherto, A., Levrini, O. (2018). Disciplinary authenticity and personal relevance in school science. Science Education, DOI: 10.1002/sce.21458
- Branchetti, L., Cutler, M., Laherto, A., Levrini, O. Palmgren, E.K., Tasquier,G., Wilson, C. (2018). The I SEE project: An approach to futurize STEM education. Visions for Sustainability, 9: 00-00. DOI: 10.13135/2384-8677/2770, ISSN 2384-8677.
- Amin, T. G. & Levrini O. (Eds). Converging Perspectives on Conceptual Change. Mapping an Emerging Paradigm in the Learning Sciences, London and New York: Routledge, pp.351.