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Amy Norman

Leicester College
Lecturer in Biology
I am excited to have the opportunity to share ideas and methods of teaching evolution that have worked for me at the ASE conference. I attended for the first time in 2018 and found it a really useful experience and I intend to help build value for others this year. I loved the mixture of sessions and hope that mine, considering key routes to teach evolution by natural selection and activities that work well for GCSE and A Level equivalent (Access to HE Science) students will be useful to my colleagues.

I've been building experience on this topic since starting my teaching career as an Education Officer at Twycross Zoo - home to all four types of non-human great apes and once I started teaching at Leicester College I decided to develop a module for the AIM Access to HE module bank that would allow teachers on their level three biology programmes to deliver this critical part of modern biology (they already had cell theory and the central dogma represented).

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, January 10