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Friday, January 11


Revisiting the Chemistry Required Practicals (336) Muirhead 112Sarah Longshaw • Association for Science Education Plugging into the Sun (71) Nuffield G13David Garlovsky Frontier Science: Can you gamify the teaching of logic/critical thinking? (413) Aston Webb WG12Dr Corneliu Hoffman Hands-on Static Electricity REPEATED (230) Muirhead 122Yuji Kikuta • Michal Marcik • Narika Corporation In a Little You Can See a Lot REPEATED (321) Poynting Physics Large LT (S02)Bob Worley • CLEAPSS Investigating the Earth's Structure (61) Biosciences N201Elizabeth Devon • Chris King Mitigating the Effect of Family Background on Students' Science Aspirations (224) Aston Webb C BlockProfessor Michael J Reiss Are Your Students GCSE Ready? (112) Muirhead 121Ed Walsh • Collins Physics Problem Solving REPEATED (512) Exhibition Marquee Seminar RoomAlly Davis • Robin Hughes Stretch and Challenge your A-level Chemists (104) Muirhead 118Penny Robotham Dramatising Science for KS2 & 3 (76) Muirhead 113Deb McGregor • Wendy Precious A Model of Civic Engagement (80) Murray Learning Centre LG14Menna Goodwin • Dr Andrea C. Mallaburn • Linda Seton Schools' Exhibition (405) Aston Webb Great HallAdrian Allan • Ann Caldwell • Sarah Eames • Kate Frost • Samantha Goodfellow • Henry Greenwood • Megan Greet • Darren Harman • Michael Harris • Colin Inglis • Simon Lewis • Ed Little • Laurie Mansfield • Andrew McDonald • Ruth Patchett • Justin Quinnell • Sarah • James Starbuck • Jeremy Thomas • Association for Science Education







BitRW: Rethinking conservation - enhancing life for people and nature (7) BioSciences 301Lesley Batty • Royal Society of Biology Flipped Physics Teaching (195) Physics West LT (117)Lewis Matheson Planning a Progressive Practical Curriculum (120) Muirhead 109Emily Seeber Teaching Towards the Assessment of Science in Context (376) Murray Learning Centre UG05Andy Brunning • Ross Richardson • OCR Frontier Science: Drugs and the Magnificent Seven (446) Aston Webb WG12Professor Mark Wheatley Frontier Science: Geometry and mathematical physics (411) Aston Webb WG5Marta Mazzocco Black Holes (280) Physics West SR1 (103)Alan Denton • Miles Hudson • Tonia Williams • Perimeter Institute CANCELLED: Key Moments in History: A fossil hunter's story (214) TBAMarianne Cutler • Association for Science Education CLEAPSS Hands-on Workshop REPEATED (315) Poynting Physics Lab R2CLEAPSS • CLEAPSS How to Use Museums and Universities to Enhance Science Lessons (35) Muirhead 121Barinur Rashid Effective Science Leadership in Secondary Education (364) Exhibition Marquee Seminar RoomChris Catto • STEM Learning AO2: They know it but can they apply it? (295) Muirhead 113Ant Snowden Best Evidence Science Teaching REPEATED (427) CTL A e-labPeter Fairhurst • Helen Harden • Alistair Moore • University of York Science Education Group • Association for Science Education Bridging the Skills Gap from GCSE to A-level (261) Murray Learning Centre UG09Stella Paes • Pearson Get them Believing how Good they can be at Maths and Science (287) Aston Webb C BlockJohnny Ball No More Coasting: Strategies and tools to help every student make progress REPEATED (391) Poynting Physics Small LT (S06)Dr Andy Chandler-Grevatt • Oxford University Press Philosophy for Science Education (119) Muirhead 112Louisa Aldridge • Ellie Hart • James Ladyman Science Week - The Key to Building Engagement in Science (368) Murray Learning Centre UG10Kim Swift • STEM Learning



BitRW: Aping the Apes (5) BioSciences 301Charlotte Evans • Julia Myatt • Susannah Thorpe • Royal Society of Biology Positive Psychology in Education (273) Arts 120 (Main LT)Steve Emery • Instruments Direct Services Classroom Gaming (50) Arts 119Carla Brown • Catherine Hayes Flipped Learning in Practice (161) Poynting Physics Small LT (S06)Primrose Kitten • Primrose Kitten Simulations, Models and Animations for Big Ideas in Science (73) Arts 127 (Lecture Room 3)David Tymm Looking Forward to 2023: Research projects to support future planning (174) Murray Learning Centre UG07Julian Clarke • AQA What is School Science For? (493) Arts G13Edgar Jenkins Frontier Science: How do we know how much to breathe? (415) Aston Webb WG12Dr Clare Ray CLEAPSS Hands-on Workshop REPEATED (316) Poynting Physics Lab R2CLEAPSS • CLEAPSS Genome Decoders: Students at the frontline of genomics (130) Muirhead 118Francesca Gale Hands-on Static Electricity REPEATED (231) Muirhead 122Yuji Kikuta • Michal Marcik • Narika Corporation Visualising Science! REPEATED (433) CTL Wet Lab ARebecca Byrne • Catherine Mellor AQA & ITE: Support for your first years in teaching REPEATED (394) Murray Learning Centre UG06Peter Rupkus • AQA Learning from Chemistry Education Practice (96) Muirhead G15Robert Campbell • Joanna Haywood • Naomi Hennah • Susan Jones • David Paterson DNA Fingerprinting using PCR and Gel Electrophoresis REPEATED (431) Murray Learning Centre LG14Rebecca Byrne • Lucienne McCallum Secondary TeachMeet: Evidence-informed Practice in Science Teaching (233) CTL MezzanineJohn Holman ASE President and Nan Davies, The Wellcome Trust • Lucy Turner • Emily Yeomans • Nan Davies • Emily Yeomans








Book-signing: Alan Hesse (501) ASE Hub Exhibition MarqueeAlan Hesse Effective Online Revision (129) Biosciences NG08Dr Flavia S Belham Experiments about Energy, Elements, LED and Colours (191) Arts 223 (Lecture Room 7)Klemens Koch Fast, formative feedback from Tests: Gathering evidence and making progress REPEATED (389) Physics West LT (117)Dr Andy Chandler-Grevatt • Oxford University Press GCSE Science 2018: Awarding and outcomes explored REPEATED (395) Murray Learning Centre UG07Julian Clarke • AQA Ideas for teaching Anatomy & Physiology (363) Murray Learning Centre UG06Ross Richardson • Ann Wolstenholme • OCR Marking and Improving Student Outcomes in Practical Work-focused Questions REPEATED (181) Arts 126 (Lecture Room 2)Elise Reece • AQA What Does it Mean to be a Competent Scientist at A-level? (264) Murray Learning Centre UG09Lisa Greatorex • Pearson Writing Assessments in Science (375) Murray Learning Centre UG10Andy Brunning • Ross Richardson • OCR Developing Applied STEM Skills at KS3 (164) Muirhead 112Sarah Milburn Get Your School to Go Green (334) Muirhead 118Henry Greenwood Frontier Science: Making sure medicines work for children! (416) Aston Webb WG12Hannah Batchelor Biology Practicals that Work: Drop-in Session REPEATED (356) CTL C Wet lab (130)Jamie Biggs • Alex Jenkin • Dan Jenkins • Science and Plants for Schools CLEAPSS Hands-on Workshop REPEATED (317) Poynting Physics Lab R2CLEAPSS • CLEAPSS How You and Your Students Can Contribute to Scientific Research (37) Muirhead G15Vivienne Bates • Emma Crisell • Jackie Flaherty • Samantha Goodfellow • Megan Greet • Darren Harman • Nick Harris • Colin Inglis • Fern Langran-Goldsmith • Ed Little • Andrew McDonald • Becky Parker Time-saving Tips (147) Aston Webb C BlockSheila Curtis • Euan Douglas • Helen Harden • Sarah Longshaw • Emma Winter • Association for Science Education On Balance: What does research show us about balancing equations? (99) Muirhead 122Dr Kristy Turner CANCELLED: Cards for A-level Organic Chemistry (142) TBAHazel Shirley Enough! It’s time we taught proper science (473) Nuffield G17Dr. Alexandra Okada • Tony Sherborne Theory of HEC & its Class Management (134) Muirhead 113Haruhiko FUNAHASHI • Tomoko HASEGAWA • Mariko KOBAYASHI




Book-signing: John Baruch (502) ASE Hub Exhibition MarqueeJohn Baruch Book-signing: Stuart Naylor (503) ASE Hub Exhibition MarqueeStuart Naylor BitRW: Under pressure! Why plants can't survive without osmosis (9) BioSciences 301Jeremy Pritchard • Royal Society of Biology • Science and Plants for Schools Do They Really Get It? Mimicry and misconceptions (242) Biosciences E102 LTNiki Kaiser Towards the new Education Inspection Framework 2019 - Ofsted (426) Aston Webb C BlockMatthew Newberry For the Future: Sustainability, science classrooms and NGOs (165) Muirhead 109Ellie Ellwood • John Oversby • Penny Robotham CANCELLED Frontier Science: Mixed Reality for Training Future Emergency Medics - Blending the Best of the Real with the Best of the Virtual (417) Frontier Science: The Human Zoo: discovering your hidden microbes and their unexpected influence on your life… (459) Aston Webb WG5Professor Robin May Assessing the Impact of CPAC (53) Muirhead 121Catherine Smith Biology Practicals that Work: Drop-in Session REPEATED (356) CTL C Wet lab (130)Jamie Biggs • Alex Jenkin • Dan Jenkins • Science and Plants for Schools CLEAPSS Hands-on Workshop REPEATED (318) Poynting Physics Lab R2CLEAPSS • CLEAPSS What’s In My Tray – Secondary (98) CTL Dry LabDr Katherine Forsey • Gratnells How the Secrets of Science-writing Can Improve Science Teaching (217) Poynting Physics Large LT (S02)Adam Brownsell • Kit Chapman • Dr Kristy Turner • Royal Society of Chemistry What Are Students (and Teachers) Really Thinking? (115) Poynting Physics Small LT (S06)Page Keeley Review of the outcomes of the first GCSE 9-1 series REPEATED (378) Murray Learning Centre UG10Ross Richardson • Ann Wolstenholme • OCR The Science of Learning Part I & II REPEATED (46) Nuffield G13Bob Pritchard • hi-impact Introducing Dynamics by 'HEC" with Some Enjoyable Experiments (192) Muirhead 113Marino Ii • Koji TSUKAMOTO The Universe is Expanding & Space is Wobbling - How Do We Know? (30) Physics West SR1 (103)Stuart Farmer • Miles Hudson • Tonia Williams • James de Winter • Perimeter Institute



Being 'The Grown Up' and 'Knowing Your Buttons' (325) Murray Learning Centre UG05Dr Neil Ingram • Jane Still CANCELLED The Nature of Practical Work and its Utilization as a Tool for Thinking Skill Development in Biology (194)Kristy Phillip CANCELLED: Science Rocks (153) Physics West LT (117)James Rolfe GCSE Science 2018: Key messages to support development REPEATED (398) Murray Learning Centre UG06Elise Reece • AQA Marking and Improving Student Outcomes in AO2-focused Questions REPEATED (400) Murray Learning Centre UG07Jane Bryant • AQA The Science Sample Test (238) Arts 126 (Lecture Room 2)Anne Counsell Representing Everyone in Science: Using STEM subjects to communicate diversity (62) Biosciences N201Earth Science Teachers Association • Chris King Urban Science (292) Muirhead G15Richard Dawson • Margaret Fleming CANCELLED: Frontier Science: The songs of the stars (420)Professor Yvonne Elsworth Back to the Moon (480) Arts 219 (Lecture Room 5)Tom Lyons • STEM Learning Hands-on Electricity Generation REPEATED (228) Muirhead 122Yuji Kikuta • Michal Marcik • Narika Corporation P3L Electricity - Ogden Trust (151) Arts 222 (Lecture Room 6)Jackie Flaherty • Amanda Poole Has School Science Lost its Soul? (89) Biosciences NG08Dr Birendra Singh Children and Parents as Engineers (183) Arts 127 (Lecture Room 3)Juliet Edmonds • Laura Fogg-Rogers • Fay Lewis Setting Up and Managing a Regional Pupil Research Hub (342) Arts 301 (Lecture Room 8)Colin Inglis Amazonas Comics: Celebrating rainforests with stories and information (520) Arts 119John Erasmus • Amazonas Comics Beyond Planet Earth (458) Arts 120 (Main LT)Dr Julie Keeble • Discovery Education CANCELLED: Opening 'Triple' For All: A KS4 Curriculum Workshop (279) Comic Workshop for Science Teachers: Building interest and engagement (486) Arts 105Alan Hesse Drama & Science (186) Arts 201Kathryn Horan • Angharad Pass Paired Mentoring: Let's work! (106) Murray Learning Centre LG14Dr Rachael Sharpe Using Career Contexts to Teach Science (24) Arts 223 (Lecture Room 7)Carol Davenport Talking Science Debate (208) Nuffield G17Lucy Austin • Tim Furness • Lauren McLeod • David Read • Lucy Rimmington • Royal Society of Biology • Royal Society of Chemistry • Association for Science Education